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The Limitless Possibilities of Rotary UAS

When it comes to rotary UAS technology, the opportunities are limitless. Rotary models offer increased agility, including the ability to hover in place. That means your UAS can go places you never thought were possible before. In addition, rotary models are safer to operate and can produce even more precise data.

Dragon 50

The Dragon 50 from SwissDrones combines safe and autonomous operation with exceptional performance and flexibility. The Dragon 50 can even be combined with the Leica RCD30, the only medium-format airborne camera that provides co-registered multispectral four-band imagery in RGB and near-infrared.

Aibot X6 Hexacopter

The Aibot X6 is a lightweight and innovative six-propeller design that is easily controlled with a tablet PC and gets incredible results. Discover them for yourself using virtual control video goggles and get the best view possible of your aerial imagery.

Explore New Territory with UAS

For industries as varied as engineering, film, agriculture and mining, UAS can be a major asset. Rotary UAS in particular can make tasks like industrial and infrastructure inspections, surveying, safety assessments and even archaeological and geological studies more thorough, more efficient and far safer.

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