An Advanced UAS to Take You Anywhere

The Aibot X6 features multi-rotor technology with integrated propeller shields and is uniquely designed for safety, performance and flexibility. Its ability to carry up to 4.4 lbs of pure payload permits it to fly a wide range of cameras and sensors, making it an essential tool for any mapping professional.

Housing CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer)
Weight 7.5 lbs
Take-off Weight ca. 10 - 14.5 lbs
(dependent on payload and batteries)
Flying Height up to 3,280' over over ground
under ideal conditions, max. 9,842' ASL
Flight Time up to 30 min
-4 - 104ºF
Control remote control, tablet-PC (optional)
or automatic way point flight
Power Source lithium-polymer 5.000 - 10.000 mA

Max Speed

25 mph

Programmable Routes

Fly programmed flight paths autonomously and independently take predefined aerial photos

Precise Control

6 rotors and performance engines provide a massive thrust

Lightweight Design

Carbon fiber casing provides protection and reduces weight

Auto Start & Landing

Easily exeute the starting and landing procedure