Multispectral Imagery. Unmatched Accuracy. Now in a UAS.

The Dragon 50 integrates the proven benefits of the Leica RCD30 medium format camera into a UAS design that offers superior payload capacity, prolonged endurance, stable flight patterns and a high degree of safety, making it the ideal solution for complex mapping jobs in harsh environmental conditions.

Rotor System Flettner Double Rotor System
Rotor Diameter 2 x 2, 262'
Engine Jet Engine Jakadofsky
Fuel Diesel / Jet A1
Empty Weight 77 lbs
Payload 110 lbs
MTOW 187 lbs
Max Fuel Capacity 13 L + Additional tank with 20 L
Max Time of Flight 1 hr (main tank), 4 hrs (add. tanks)
Max Speed 91 ft/sec
Service Ceiling up to 6,213 mi MSL (ISA conditions)

Tank Capacity

3.5 L + additional tank
with 20 L

Max Time of Flight

app. 4 hrs


154 lbs